Industrial inspections

One of the segments of our work aims to cover all kind of industrial inspections of facilities or technical premises which are hard to reach without specialized equipment. Our customers has cases with damaged bridges or chimneys, leakages from the roof or power down due to electrical grid breakdown. We provide inspection with high definition camera which gives details of your issue.

Buildings marketing

Complete commercial solutions of real estate, combining both air and land footage. Our customers wants to have different commercial of their property using "marketing from the sky". Combined video, we believe is the most effective marketing and advertisement of any real estate.

Events Shooting

When we talk about events we assume all kinds of them: open air parties, sport events or even weddings.Could you imagine to have video of your Rafting or Motocross experiences? Combined perspectives in one video will show you, your emotions in a way you didn't imagine while you were on the boat(bike) or to the party;


Is there better way to check your plantations or vineyards than from the sky. It was never easier because of the new technologies. If you need to prove you're taking care for the plantation or vineyard to the owners or to the authorities(regarding European programs rules) our machines could help you.

Last news

The last thing that we capture:

 Amazing view over the mountain:

 The last inspection:

  • Eagle village - Eagle view

  • White sensation - Barakovo 2015 event

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