In our experience with industrial engineering, manufacturing and facilities there are always different types of objects and installation hard to reach, hard to explore, but having critical impact on the production process. Preventive maintenance is the best better way to maintain those critical objects. With flying systems shooting you may see the details in a way far more easy and cost efficient, comparing with conventional ways like lifting platforms, construction cranes, helicopters.

Most applicable for installations and buildings like:

  • High Chimney;

  • Roofs;

  • Landslide in your production facility;

  • Bridges construction elements - below and above;

  • Retaining walls of rivers;

  • Hydro power plants pipes;

  • Wind power plants;

  • Solar power plants;

  • Mountain and sky lifts constructions;

What we provide to our customers is first look of the object with high definition camera. We could present to you video or detailed picturing from perspective which is hard to see without any additional equipment.