Please find below price table, which aims to provide you base information on how you can estimate your budget for the offered services. It concerns basic inspection and flight and will provide you raw footage. 

Based on specifics of the inspection requirements and terrain price could vary, and we will give specific offer after we received received detailed specification of needed services. If we require more information we may do on side preliminary visit with no extra cost for you.  

  • Working days - After 17:30;

  • Weekends - All day;

  • Based on specific requirements - Need to be agreed in advance;

  • Performing of the above services is depending upon weather conditions (foggy, windy and heavy raining conditions are strongly limiting the possibilities) ;

Buildings marketing, movie editing, music creation and all other services will be offered based on specific Request for quotation sent from your side. We are always open & inclusive do discuss with you preliminary offers, ideas, our previous projects and ideas, so you feel comfortable with our services;